Yesterday they finally finished recording!  Lately, he has been so busy with completing their album that I’ve had to go to a couple of friend and family things on my own.  I have also spent a lot of time on my own at home. To be honest at times I can feel really lonely and plain bored at home by myself.  It just goes to show that there is no way I could ever become a stay at home mom, that’s for sure.  

It’s a weird adjustment when your other half is busy and you have to start going to things as a singleton.  I found myself this past weekend really missing my other half.  All of our friends are now married and so when I go to birthday parties or family dinners it can be a little weird that he isn’t there.  But I guess this is what the life of a musician’s wife is, learning how to be independent again.  I know for some ladies, this isn’t a big deal at all and it really isn’t for me either but it is an adjustment.  I have been with my amazing man for nine years.  Before marriage I was an independent woman but after being married for four and a half years I got use to always going to social gatherings as the Mr. and Mrs.  


This summer I have learned a lot about what it takes to be a musician’s wife.  It is true from the other blogs I have read, you have to learn to be independent.  You have to be okay with doing things without your other half.  You have to be okay with being a singleton sometimes.  This summer I have definitely changed from the wife I use to be when he was in his old band.  I was the wife that didn’t have that understanding yet of what it takes.  Now I get it and I know what it takes and what it will take in the future.